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Based in New York City, Sarah tutors Executive Functioning, Test Prep, College Coaching, Language Arts, Humanities, English, History, Creative Writing, Italian, Latin, Spanish, and Art. Sarah also teaches semester, summer, and full-year courses that are listed at the bottom of this page. Sarah creates a robust curriculum through her interest in museums, art history, theater, opera, music, and film, augmented with references to world literature, news, and diverse viewpoints, both current and historical. She incorporates the depth of her expertise in a variety of topics into her lesson plans and tutoring sessions through songs, stories, video clips, articles, photos, supplementary handouts, and artwork in order to enrich her curriculum and encourage her students to cultivate and pursue a passion for literature, language, and the arts. 

Sarah is a Renaissance woman and advocate for the arts with extensive administrative, teaching, tutoring, and coaching experience for all ages in five different departments at various schools in Switzerland, Italy, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, California, and Florida.


 Sarah holds a B.A. from Tufts and an M.A. from Middlebury and now tutors in-person and online. She has also studied at the University of Ferrara, the University of Florence, and Oxford University. 

Executive Functioning

Sarah helps students improve their working memory, cognitive flexibility, and inhibitory control. This includes tips, strategies, and processes for organizing, planning and prioritizing assignments and assessments, starting and staying focused on a task until completion, understanding different points of view and ways to approach a problem or assignment, and self-monitoring so the student can stay on track. Whether helping students organize their workspace and daily homework schedules or helping them prepare for major tests, Sarah helps students overcome obstacles that can prevent them from reaching their academic potential.  


Sarah helps students develop test taking strategies for all of their classes, grades 1 - 12. She helps students build their confidence about study schedules, planning, techniques, memorization, organization, and setting goals. She provides helpful tips for approaching and understanding the test content from various angles.


Sarah also helps students prepare for the ISEE, SSAT, SAT Verbal, AP US History, AP European History, AP Italian, AP Language and Composition, and AP English Literature exams, and The National Latin Exam.  


Whether writing a college essay or a research paper, a book review or a persuasive essay, a poem or a novel, or analyzing a text or a primary source, Sarah teaches students how to brainstorm, research, organize, structure, and edit their various writing assignments and projects. She encourages her students to explore and appreciate the writer's craft so that they can become better readers and writers themselves.  

Sarah also teaches English, Film Studies, Creative Writing, Screenwriting, and Playwriting  courses. See the course descriptions below.  

English and History

Sarah can help tutor students in subjects such as Humanities, Language Arts, Art History, English, and History, grades 1 - 12.  Sarah has studied and taught Humanties for many years and though she specialized in the Renaissance, she has years of experience teaching and tutoring a very wide range of historical periods and literary genres. See the course description for English, Drama, and Creative Writing below. 


Sarah is passionate about learning languages and has taught ESL and foreign languages to children of all ages and adults domestically and internationally since she was in college. She is available to tutor Italian, Latin, and Intermediate Spanish, grades K - 12.  She also organizes immersive trips to Italy and cultural excursions in New York City. See the course descriptions for Italian and Latin below.   


Sarah's love for drawing, painting, and sculpture led her to pursue the Five-Year BA/BFA Dual-Degree Program with the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and Tufts where she completed a significant amount of coursework in the Visual Arts. She was recently the Lower School Art Teacher at The Buckley School in New York City, teaching all K-3 students. See the course description for Studio Art below.  

Complete Courses

Complete Semester, Annual, or Summer Courses

Sarah offers private courses that prepare students to join an advanced language class at their school, teach a subject that is unavailable at school, or supplement homeschooling programs. Courses are available throughout the Academic year or as intensive summer programs.   


Travel, Levels I, II, III, IV, and AP

Ciao! Sarah is passionate about Italian language and culture, has taught High School Italian for ten years, and lived, worked, and studied in Italy for almost four years. She has organized many immersion field trips to Italy, The Metropolitan Opera, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art and she incorporates countless readers, textbooks, articles, cooking, songs, video clips, films, and literature into her lessons.



Levels I, II and III

Salve! Sarah fell in love with Latin when she took it as a Junior High and High School student. She has taught Middle and Upper School Latin for ten years. She has taught six different Latin textbooks over the span of her career and she incorporates trips to museums, countless supplementary readers, artwork, and handouts about Roman history, art, and culture into her teaching.   

English/Drama/Creative Writing

Grades 1 -12

Sarah tailors courses in English, Theater/Performing Arts, Film Studies, and Creative Writing to fit students' levels, needs, and interests. This could include the analysis, interpretation, and creation of various writing and literary genres, refining skills in narrative, argument, and information writing, or creating, directing, and producing a play, film, or musical.


PreK - 12

Sarah has taught the Visual Arts to students in grades K - 12 since she was a college student. Sarah has always created art for her own personal enrichment and enjoyment and she encourages her students to do so as well. She loves teaching sculpture, figurative sculpture, pottery, drawing, painting, portraiture, photography, filmmaking, 2D and 3D multi-media projects, and Art History.  

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