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A passionate and lifelong learner, educator, writer, and artist

Throughout my career as an educator, I have enjoyed teaching challenging material at multiple skill levels and sharing my passion for literature, the art of writing, rhetoric, grammar, public speaking, languages, history, and the performing and visual arts with K-12 graders, college students, and adults. I hope to inspire that same passion and thirst for learning in my students. I am now available both in-person and remotely.  


I can also assist you as a writer, editor, translator, lyricist, and artist. See the descriptions below.  

What Can I Do For You?

Executive Functioning Tutor

Executive Functioning Skills are essential for being a successful student and lifelong learner.  Though they can always be perfected throughout one's lifetime, they are particularly important to develop in elementary, middle, and high school.   See "Tutoring Subjects" for more information.

Testing Tutor

I help students develop test taking strategies for all of their classes, grades 1 - 12.  I also help students prepare for the SAT and SSAT Verbal, AP US History, AP European History, AP Italian, AP Language and Composition, AP English Literature, and The National Latin Exam.  

Writing Tutor 

Whether writing a college essay or a research paper, creating a poem, or analyzing a text, I can teach you how to brainstorm, research, organize, and edit your writing assignments.  I also teach Creative Writing and English courses.  See "Tutoring Subjects" for more information.

English, History, Spanish, Italian, and Latin Tutor

I am available to tutor and teach courses in the Humanities, Language Arts, and Foreign and Classical Languages at multiple levels and age ranges. See "Tutoring Subjects" for more information.  

Writing, Editing, and Italian Translation

I do freelance writing, editing, and translation work.  I can translate documents from Italian to English or English to Italian.  

Fine Art, Song Lyrics, and Creative Projects

I accept commissions for paintings, drawings, sculptures, personalized parodies of your favorite songs, and various writing projects. 

Tutoring and Courses 
Remotely and In-Person

  I tutor and teach online nationally and internationally and in-person in New York City. Individual and group summer, semester, and full-year courses in the Humanities are also available. Please click below for more information. 

Teaching Experience in Switzerland, Italy, and on Both U.S. Coasts


Let's Take Your Learning and Creative Endeavors to the Next Level!

Tailored and Seamless Curriculum Design

"Sarah has been a great help to our two sons over the course of the summer. We wanted to make sure they were ready for third and fifth grade after a semester of online-only learning at school. Sarah did a great job putting together a curriculum for the two of them and then tailoring the work to their needs. Working with them online was seamless." 

Patricia W.


Passionate and Engaging

"Sarah brought an unparalleled level of energy and commitment to our school community.  Sarah was passionate about cultivating a vibrant and engaging intellectual experience for our Anacapa family." 

Assistant Head of School

Anacapa School

Transformative and Motivational Tutoring

"Sarah is an excellent tutor.  She has transformed my children's quarantine experience and helped focus, motivate and brush up on basic skills with my 7th grader and 4th grader. Even my 13 year old son is engaged with his studies and wants to work with her again!" 

Emily S.


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